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    • About switch cabinet?

      About switch cabinet?

      Switch cabinet is a kind of electrical equipment, the switch cabinet is first inside the cabinet, and then enters the control switch, and each branch is set according to its needs.Such as instruments, automatic control,

    • Technical performance

      Technical performance

      Main technical content 1) environmental conditions: (1) altitude: no more than 1000m. (2) environmental temperature: not more than + 40 ℃, no less than 5 ℃. (3) the relative humidity: 90% or less (15 ℃). (4) seismic ability: the ground level acceleration is 0.4 g. Ground vertical acceleration 0.2 g. (5) safety factor: safety factor > 2. Special conditions of environmental use, negotiated settlement when ordering. 2) technical conditions and product test parameters: (1) rated working voltage: 10kV.

    • High voltage switch cabinet selection

      High voltage switch cabinet selection

      In order to ensure the safety of high voltage electrical components in normal operation, overhaul, short circuit and overvoltage, high voltage switch cabinet shall be selected according to the following conditions: (1) selection of ambient conditions including temperature, humidity, altitude and earthquake intensity; (2) the normal working conditions include the selection of voltage, current, frequency, mechanical load, etc. (3) the short-circuit conditions include short-term tolerable current, peak tolerance current, rated short-circuit closing and open circuit current, etc.

    • The switch cabinet requirements

      The switch cabinet requirements

      1) interlock requirements of the switch cabinet (mainly to be equipped with necessary mechanical and electrical interlock loading) Buy); 2) the entrance and exit form of the switch cabinet; 3) all secondary insulation components in the switch cabinet (such as terminals, auxiliary switches, plug-ins ) requirements; 4) requirements for measurement and display of instruments; 5) installation of incoming voltage transformer, metering voltage, current transformer The requirements;

    • Operating procedures

      Operating procedures

      The power supply operation procedure First install the back seal plate, then close the front door. Operate the grounding switch spindle and make the switch. 3. Transfer the handcart (in a split state) to the cabinet (test position). Insert the secondary plug into the static socket (test position indicator), close the front door.